Sagittarius Bag | Getting started

I am adding blinky LEDs to a messenger bag for my cousin’s birthday present. Tracked down a dark messenger bag on Etsy that I can repurpose and have also acquired several different types & sizes of LEDs and controllers to try out.

First, the design.  Have decided to use a outline of a Sagittarius star pattern for the LEDs.  sagittarius

Next the LEDs.

I ruled out the SMT Cool White 5050 LEDs and SMT RGB 5050 LEDs. Since the LEDs will be on the flap of the bag, they need to put up with some wear and tear. Decided to go with LEDs specifally desinged to be used on clothing/wearables.

First I thought to use this Aniomagic Sparkle kit that I had on hand.


  1. Both board and the LEDs are tiny
  2. Programming the blink pattern is insanely easy with Aniomagic, so my cousin could change the pattern herself whenever she wants


  1. Limited number of LEDs to a board, would need to use several sets
  2. The LEDs are all the same size
  3. Integrated On/Off is hard to access

Next, Adafruit FLORA board and FLORA RGB Smart Neo Pixels LEDs


  1. Highly programmable LEDs, can change up the colors and the blink patterns
  2. Able to chain all of the LEDs on one board


  1. LEDs are all the same size, and quite large
  2. Don’t really need the LEDs to change color, so they are overkill
  3. FLORA board is big, like the LilyPad

Lilypad Twinkle LilyPad LEDs and LilyPad Micro LEDs


  1. The two different sizes of LEDs are great
  2. LilyPad Twinkle board is small


  1. Limited number of LEDs to a board, would need to use several boards
  2. Less flexible programming for blink pattern